Born and raised in Kahalu’u, Hawaii, VESSO Surfboards has always been dedicated to crafting the best quality surfboard for all kind of surfers. We enjoy every step of the process of making each board. We put massive amount of love, pride, and passion in every surfboard. Every model in our surfboard line has been tested and proven to work in all kinds of conditions. Since the beginning, Vesso has been focused on our team riders. Our riders are some of the best and youngest talent coming out of Hawai’i. We are proud of them. They have all honed their surfing skills in some of the best and worst wave conditions around the world. Our riders and shapers communicate daily – as our riders are intricately involved in the development of each model in our line, from research and development, to quality control. Whether we machine or hand shape your board, we create it with consideration of the surfer and guarantee only the best.