“HI-Volt” – Performance Shortboard

Quick and Sharp

U.S Blanks

Tail Design

Round Pin

Wave Size

2-6 feet Hawaiian

Fin System




The Hi-Volt has been tested and approved by our team riders.
We wanted to create something innovative and interesting. This board started as a test cut that originally was not going to be glassed or finished, but last minute we decided to finish the board and test it out. Once we caught our first wave it felt like magic. The board had drive, speed, release and was responsive.
The Hi-Volt has a similar rocker to the mamba except the exit is straighter to create more drive. The board also has a pulled in tail so the board can hold off on bottom turns. Something that stands out on this board is the slight single concave throughout the entire board that gives the extra speed to this model. If you want something that is quick in the pocket with drive, this would be the board for you. This board can handle up to 2-6 ft Hawaiian style. .

Design features

Rail: Medium
Rocker Nose/Tail: Heavy Nose Rocker /Heavy tail Rocker
Concave: Slight single Concave throughout the board.
Outline: Pulled in nose to pulled tail
Foil: Medium
Wave Type: Any Condition
Wave size: 2-6 feet

Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4 18.06 2.06 20.68
5’5 18.13 2.13 21.85
5’6 18.25 2.20 22.99
5’7 18.38 2.25 24.05
5’8 18.5 2.25 24.58
5’9 18.63 2.31 25.88
5’10 18.75 2.38 27.17
5’11 18.88 2.45 28.35
6’0 19 2.50 29.46
6’1 19.13 2.56 30.78
6’2 19.25 2.63 32.21
6’3 19.38 2.63 32.91