“Double Deuce” – Summer Sled


U.S EPS (Epoxy)

Tail Design

Round Pin

Wave Size

1-4 Feet Hawaiian

Fin System



Double Deuce

The Double Deuce is the newest addition to our summer sled lineup for 2018.
It was originally designed as a fun little single fin, but with some tweaks at the request of one of our team riders, was modified into a lively little quad fin which quickly became one of the most popular designs in our collection.
The Double Deuce has a relaxed rocker profile which is easy to paddle and creates a lot of speed and drive which propels it through flatter sections with ease.
It has become a staple in the quiver for small, and even good days.
The Double Deuce features a unique bottom contour- beginning as a slight single concave which then flows into a deep double and transitions into a slight vee out the tail. These bottom contours control water flow through the board, creating lift under the front foot for speed, and splitting that water flow between the feet and through the quad fins helping the board to project really well while allowing it to transition from rail to rail really easily.

Design features

Rail: Medium
Rocker nose/tail: Flat in both ends
Concave: Slight single concave to deep double into a Vee off the tail.
Outline: Fuller in nose/ pulled in tail
Foil: fuller in nose and medium in rail
Wave Type/ Conditions: Any condition

Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4 18.63 2.20 23.14
5’5 18.75 2.25 24.24
5’6 19.00 2.31 25.61
5’7 19.25 2.38 27.09
5’8 19.50 2.44 28.27
5’9 19.63 2.50 29.67
5’10 19.75 2.56 30.95
5’11 20.00 2.63 32.62
6’0 20.25 2.69 34.22
6’1 20.38 2.75 35.62