“Forever Single” – Single Fin

“Glide And Enjoy”

U.S EPS (Epoxy)

Tail Design

Round Pin
Swallow Pin

Wave size

1-5 Feet Hawaiian

Fin System

Single Fin Box


Forever Single

Forever Single is an ever evolving adaptation of a classic single fin design which has been modified and refined over the years to be a favorite. It has a flatter nose and tail rocker, which creates a lot of down the line speed and drive. Single fins are notoriously tracky, and like to go in a straight line really fast. For this reason, we’ve created a blend of a single concave into a healthy double vee off the tail which loosens this single fin up and allows it to roll from rail to rail and creates a really playful feel under foot.
This single fin comes with a thinned-out beak nose, keeping it true to that “old school” feel as well as adding extra volume to help with paddling and wave catching.
We usually recommend that they are ridden and inch or two longer than your standard shortboard for drive and stability.

Design features

Rail: Taper
Rocker Nose/Tail: Low/Low
Concave: Light single to heavy double with slight vee
Outline: wider nose and pulled in tail
Foil: fuller nose and medium tail
Wave Type/Conditions: Any condition

Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’8 18.63 2.25 25.63
5’9 18.75 2.31 26.80
5’10 19.00 2.31 27.58
5’11 19.13 2.38 29.02
6’0 19.25 2.44 30.20
6’1 19.38 2.50 31.63
6’2 19.50 2.50 32.29
6’3 19.75 2.56 33.90
6’4 20.00 2.63 35.71
6’5 20.25 2.69 37.41
6’6 20.50 2.75 39.30
6’7 20.75 2.75 40.20