“Love Seat” – Twin Fin

“Get Groovy”

U.S EPS (Epoxy)

Tail Design

Deep Swallow

Wave Size

1-3 Feet Hawaiian

Fin System

Please note that all the fins are different size, so please let us know which type of fin model you are using.


Love Seat

The Love Seat is a modern version of a retro Twin fish that allows you to have fun on those small mushy days. It has a flatter rocker throughout the whole board, and a slight single to deep double concave with a healthy amount of vee off the tail, the Love Seat can carry a lot of speed and drive while maintaining that “loose” maneuverability we all love out a twin fin.
We recommend to order/ride the Love Seat a few inches shorter, with some extra width and little more thickness than your regular shortboard.

Design features

Rail: Taper
Rocker Nose/Tail: Low/Low
Concave: Light single to deep double with slight vee
Outline: wide point more near the nose with a wide swallow tail
Foil: fuller throughout the board
Wave Type/Conditions: small mushy conditions

Recommended Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’2 19.50 2.31 26.27
5’3 19.75 2.38 27.81
5’4 20.00 2.44 29.20
5’5 20.12 2.50 30.71
5’6 20.38 2.56 32.10
5’7 20.50 2.63 33.68
5’8 20.75 2.69 35.30
5’9 21.00 2.75 36.99
5’10 21.50 2.81 38.67
5’11 21.38 2.88 40.42
6’0 21.50 2.94 41.98