Double Deuce

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The Double Deuce, initially conceived as a playful single fin, was transformed into a spirited quad fin following modifications requested by a team member. It swiftly ascended to one of our collection's most sought-after designs. The Double Deuce is complemented with a gentle rocker profile, offering effortless paddling and generating remarkable speed and drive, ensuring it glides through flatter sections with ease. It has established itself as a staple in the quiver for not only small but also medium surfing days.

The Double Deuce is characterized by a distinctive bottom contour that begins with a subtle single concave, which flows into a deep double and concludes with a slight vee at the tail. These bottom contours guide water flow throughout the board, producing lift under the front foot for speed, and splitting the water flow between the feet and through the quad fins. This not only aids in projecting the board effectively but also ensures seamless transitions from rail to rail.

Rail: medium
Rocker: low nose rocker and low tail rocker
Concave: slight single to deep double to a vee off the tail
Foil: fuller throughout the board
Wave type: any wave condition, typically smaller mushy waves

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