Forever Single

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Forever Single represents a continuously evolving embodiment of the timeless single fin design, meticulously modified and refined over years to emerge as a favored choice. It boasts a flattened nose and tail rocker, generating remarkable down-the-line speed and drive. While single fins are renowned for their tracky nature and swift straight-line motion, we've cultivated a fusion of a single concave transitioning into a robust double vee off the tail. This adaptation not only enhances the looseness of this single fin but also facilitates a smooth transition from rail to rail, instilling a truly playful sensation underfoot.

This single fin is adorned with a slim beak nose, not only paying homage to the 'old school' vibe but also infusing additional volume to aid in paddling and wave catching. Typically, we suggest riding them an inch or two longer than your conventional shortboard to bolster drive and stability.

Rail: Taper
Rocker Nose/Tail: Low/Low
Concave: Light single to heavy double with slight vee
Outline: wider nose and pulled in tail
Foil: fuller nose and medium tail
Wave Type/Conditions: Any condition

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