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The Fugu is designed to help keep you in the water even on the smallest, most dismal of days.

The magic that makes The Fugu such an ideal board for small wave fun, is the combination of an ultra relaxed rocker with a full, curvy outline that results in a small wave board that generates maximum speed with minimal effort. The bottom contours feature a slight single concave that transitions into a deep double, allowing an already “skatey” board to roll rail to rail effortlessly. The Fugu excels in waves 0.5 feet to 2 feet Hawaiian (1-4 ft face). The Fugu offers effortless paddling and wave-catching capabilities.

The Fugu is a must-have and an excellent board to have in the quiver and turns even the worst conditions into a small wave playground.

Rail: Full
Rocker nose/tail: Flat in both ends
Concave: Slight single concave in the front with extreme double running off the tail.
Outline: Full
Foil: fuller in tail and nose
Wave Type/ Conditions: small waves

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