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Endorsed by our team riders, the Hi-Volt embodies innovation and intrigue in surfboard design. Initially conceived as a mere test cut and not intended for finishing or glassing, we opted to bring the board to completion on a whim. From the moment we rode the first wave, it was enchanting, offering impressive drive, speed, and responsiveness, all while ensuring a smooth release.

Mirroring the Mamba's rocker with a straighter exit for amplified drive, the Hi-Volt features a subtly pulled-in tail, ensuring steadfast hold during bottom turns. A distinguishing characteristic of this board is its gentle single concave, extending across its entirety, providing that extra burst of speed. If you’re in pursuit of a board that offers quick pocket transitions coupled with robust drive, the Hi-Volt stands out as an exemplary choice, performing its best in waves 2-6 feet Hawaiian (4-12 feet face)

Rail: mediumRocker: more nose rocker and more tail rockerConcave : slight single concave through out the boardFoil: medium throughout the boardWave type: punchy hollow waves

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