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MIDori, our latest mid-length surfboard, features a design with a single concave at the center transitioning to a double concave at the tail. With exceptional stability and ease of control due to the board's optimal rocker. Its increased volume around the chest area aids in easier paddling.

A versatile board that thrives in various wave conditions, small to large, mushy to clean, gentle to powerful surf. Suitable for surfers of all skill levels, and it's an ideal choice for those moving to a shorter board and want the paddle power of a longboard with the agility of a shortboard.

The MIDori can be configured as either a thruster or a quad setup.

Rail: Medium Full
Rocker Nose/Tail: Medium/Medium
Concave: Light single to double with slight vee
Outline: Medium full nose/ Medium tail
Foil: Medium
Wave Type/Conditions: Any conditions

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