Nifty 9

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The Nifty 9 effortlessly bridges the transition from shortboard riding to longboarding, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. Its bottom curve and sleek lines gives you good control with lots of quick turns. Not only is it nimble and easy to maneuver, but it also excels in nose riding. The Nifty 9 can even gain a lot of speed through the flat section of the wave.

Serving as a versatile, high-performance Longboard, the Nifty 9 accommodates riders of all levels, from beginners to competitive longboarders. If you want to do large turns and nose rides, then this is the board!

Size Range: 8'0 to 10'0
Rail: Medium
Rocker Nose/Tail: moderate nose with high tail
Concave: Concave in nose going to a slight vee off the tail
Outline: Medium nose and tail
Foil: Thin nose and tail
Wave Type/Conditions: All around

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