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The Octane is the most seasoned high performance shortboard in our line. Tried and true, constantly evolving and enhancing with each passing year.

The Octane has been a staple in the quiver of many world tour vets and has been tested around the world. The Octane is geared towards competent surfers for better/punchier waves and features a generous amount of rocker through the nose and tail in a single continuous curve. This aggressive rocker profile has been offset by adding a little more volume through the nose and tail to help maintain speed and momentum while still allowing for ultra tight radius turns and maintenance of speed.

Rail: Medium Full
Rocker Nose/ Tail: Heavy/ Medium
Concave: Medium Single concave to a deep Double throughout the rail.
Outline: Medium full nose / Fuller Tail.
Foil: Medium
Wave Type/ Conditions: Beach breaks or waves with more curve in the face.

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