The Wings

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Our latest performance shortboard, 'The Wings,' features a design optimized for agility and stability. It comes equipped with an enhanced nose rocker for better maneuverability and a reduced tail rocker, ensuring stability and consistent drive. Versatile in nature, this board excels in various conditions, tested firsthand from the mellow waves of the South Shore to the notorious swells of the North Shore.

'The Wings' is an ideal choice for any surfer passionate about shortboarding. The board's design incorporates a single to double concave bottom with a subtle Vee at the tip of the tail, aiding in smoother rail-to-rail transitions. Expect a board that is not only swift but also remarkably responsive.

Rail: Medium
Rocker Nose/ Tail: A little more than medium nose rocker / flatter tail rocker
Concave: Single concave to a Double concave into a super slight Vee in the Tip of the tail
Outline: Medium nose / medium tail
Foil: Medium
Wave Type/ Conditions: Any Condition

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